:: 7 Reasons why Garage Door Remains Closed or Open
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Posted on 2016-01-11 by Author admin

Before the Second World War, the focal point of most houses used to be the front door while the garage door was hidden somewhere in the back of the property. During the booming US postwar economy in the 1950s however, with President Hoovers promise of two cars in every home, the garage door has come a long way. Today, your garage door is normally the most important and conspicuous part of your house. So after a long day of work, you drive home and expect your garage door to function properly. This may not always be the case, unfortunately, since garage doors can act up without an obvious explanation. Here are 7 reasons why garage door may remain closed or open.

  • Photo Eye

Most residential garage doors are equipped with photo eye sensors that prevent them from closing on children or any other obstacle and if these photo eye sensors are dirty or misaligned, the door will also malfunction. Resolve this problem by carefully wiping the sensors and checking for obstructions

  • Transmitter

Residential garage doors that randomly open and close may be experiencing transmitter problems. Check the batteries first. You can also check for places where you store your transmitter that could cause the garage door to malfunction and avoid them. Keep in mind that if your neighbors have transmitters with the same frequency, they may inadvertently open and close your garage door too. You might also need to change the sensors of your transmitter.

  • Disconnect Switch

If you are sure your transmitter is working but your garage door still does not respond, the problem can be found in your garage doors backup plan. Residential garage door has an emergency disconnect switch that lets you operate manually especially when there is no electricity and this sometimes flips without anyone noticing it. Check if this switch is unhooked and if your door is now in manual mode.

  • Tracks

Buildup in your tracks can also cause the door to stick and malfunction. Check for bent tracks between the rollers and tracks because such deformities may cause the door to close half way and then open too. Obstructions, dirt and grime should also be removed and the tracks cleaned with a cleaning solution. Applying a lubricant like WD-40 to the track regularly is also a good practice.

  • Springs and Cables

Springs lift your heavy garage door off the ground so if a torsion spring breaks, your garage door may not open. Check for any wear and tear above the door but never attempt to repair these springs on your own because they contain stored force that may cause injury. It is best to call a technician to fix this for you.

  • Locking System

If your garage doors tracks and springs are in good condition and the door still malfunctions, check if it has a locking system. Older garage door models are fitted with a locking system that can be accidentally activated. Hopefully you still have your owners manual to help you determine if your garage door has a locking system and to find its location too.

  • Settings

Garage door openers can be set how far it has to move up before it closes so if your garage door opens only halfway, all you have to do is perhaps adjust its settings. Check your owners manual and learn how to change this setting or call an expert who can help you with this concern.

So if your residential garage door acts up, check for the source of the problem using this list then call a reputable company like Garage Door Repair Dayton to resolve your concern. You can be sure that your garage door will be up and running very quick.

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