:: How to Install My Garage Door To Avoid Accidents
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Garage Door Repair Made Simple

Posted on 2016-03-14 by Author admin

A garage door weight ranges between 250 to 450 lbs. This weight, joined with poor garage door installation, makes garage door common scene of household accident. Many people enter and exit their homes via the garage door more often than they do via the formal door. This make garage installation a task to leave for experts like the Garage Door Repair Dayton.

Installation of the garage door is an important step and should be handled with excessive care to ensure reduced risk of breakdown and harm to both the vehicles and the garage users. Garage doors installation varies with the type of garage door, whether manual or automatic.

Good installation also ensures reduced repair and maintenance cost; hence you should let Garage Door Repair Dayton do the installation for you. This ensures high quality and reliable service at a fair price.

The following are tips and instruction to ensure safe garage door installation.

  • Follow all manufacturer instruction

Before installing a new garage door one should read and understand the manufacturer instruction on how to install the garage door and the pre-cautions to take. One ought to also make an inventory of all the tools needed for installation to ensure that they are available during installation and also they have been used after installation to avoid garage door accidents. One should seek

  • Assembling of the various parts making the garage door.

During garage door installation, a single un-assembled part can cause great harm hence one should ensure all the door parts are well assembled and are assembled at their correct places where they fit in. For safer assembly, high quality garage door parts and the best service of garage door one should contact the Garage Door Repair Dayton.

  • Tightening all the parts of the garage door.

Once one is through and satisfied with the alignment of the various garage door parts, tighten the screws from the bottom to the top ensuring free door movement. Also one should ensure the area being worked on is clean to avoid damages to the working tool, the installer or even the door during testing.

  • Safe automatic doors reverse mechanism.

During a new garage door installation one should ensure that all automatic garage door have an auto-reversing mechanism and two photo-electric eyes positioned on both sides of the door near the floor. This ensures that if the door is closing and the beam from the photo-electric bulb is interrupted, the door automatically reverses hence preventing injuries and damage. For the best photo-electric eyes alignment and installation, one should contact Garage Door Repair Dayton for the best services.

  • Ensure the garage door springs have containment cables.

There are two styles of garage door spring namely Torsion, mounted on the header above the door and extension, floating above upper the roller track. Containment cable run through the center of side mounted extension spring ensuring that if the cable break, the garage door will heavily fall and hence get damaged or cause injury to the user. To avoid such damages, one should contact garage door specialist for instance garage door repair dayton ohio.

To sum up, new garage door installation requires professionalism and once done to the standard can ensure high quality service at a relatively low cost. The work of garage door installation should be given to the best specialist like Garage Door Repair Dayton.

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