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Garage Door Spring Repair - Dayton, OH

One of the essential parts of the garage door that helps in its smooth functioning is the garage door spring. These parts support the entire frame of the door and you should make it a point to maintain these parts in top shape at all times. Garage doors are used frequently and there are high chances that it may stop functioning when any of the parts malfunction. It has been observed that many homeowners try performing a DIY when facing a malfunctioning garage door spring or other parts. This is not at all advisable as any mishandling can result in garage door accidents thus injuring the user. Inaccurate handling can also result in damaging the parts and you may be required to incur heavy garage door repair costs to get these issues fixed. The best way out during such situations is to avail the services of an experienced and adept provider. Homeowners in the lookout of such services in Dayton, OH can contact us during any time of the day or night. We introduce ourselves as Garage Door Repair Dayton and are into providing a range of garage door repair, installation, replacement and maintenance inspection services.

Garage door springs are a part of the door and not the opener. These springs make it easier for the garage door to function smoothly. Constant wear and tear, exposure to harsh weather conditions and dirt and dust weakens the springs.

It is advisable to hire a professional garage door spring repair company like Garage Door Repair Dayton to get the springs replaced or maintained. The reason being the complexity of these, the scope of which can only be completely understood by an expert.

Types of garage door springs

Torsion and side mounted are the two types of garage door springs that are mainly used. Garage door extension springs are mounted on the metal shaft that is located above the garage door frame. The springs extend along the shaft and twist as the garage door closes with the help the cables that are attached on either side of the panel of the garage door.

Side mounted garage doors are heavy springs that are mounted on each side of the garage door track. The springs use pulleys and perform similar function like the torsion springs. The garage door spring repair are complex parts of the door and it is essential that you take professional help to replace and repair the same. A novice may not be aware of the different types of springs and the technicalities that are related to them.

Professional assistance

If you are thinking of garage door spring repair on your own then think twice. The reason being the perils attached to the mishandling of these parts. The springs are under tremendous pressure and if the door slips it can fall on you thus causing serious injuries.

In addition, you may also find it difficult to determine the size of the garage door springs that will be suitable for the door. You may also find it difficult to find a retailer who will provide you with the right sized springs. Not using the right spring can result in the entire door coming down thus causing serious damage to life and property.

To avoid such broken garage door spring issues, it is always advisable to hire a professional garage door repair company.

We'd be happy to help you out in case you are located in Dayton-OH and are facing such issues.

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